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5 Reasons to Get a Heat Pump This Spring

Considering a ductless heat pump for your home?

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It’s that time of year when temperatures are warming up and those of us on Massachusetts’ North Shore and New Hampshire’s Seacoast are beginning to think about our home cooling needs. But before you head to the attic to retrieve those hefty window AC units, there’s another simpler home comfort option you may want to consider: a ductless heat pump (also known as a ductless mini split or mini split heat pump) from Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating.

Cool and Heat with One System

Ductless heat pumps from Mitsubishi Electric allow you to cool and heat with one efficient system — perfect for cool spring nights and fluctuating daytime temperatures.

Your heat pump system might feature one indoor air handler for targeted comfort in a notoriously uncomfortable area, or it might make use of multiple indoor air handlers placed strategically throughout the house for a whole-home comfort solution (which could end up replacing your existing heating system!) However your system is designed, you can count on one system for both cooling and heating.

More Energy Efficient Home Comfort

Our customers are often impressed to hear just how energy efficient Mitsubishi Electric heat pump systems are, for both cooling and heating. Many heat pumps from Mitsubishi Electric have efficiency ratings above 16 SEER for cooling and 9 HSPF for heating. For comparison, a heat pump must have ratings of at least 12 SEER and 8.2 HSPF to earn the ENERGY STAR® label!

Simple Installation with Minimal Disruption

Because ductless heat pumps are just that — ductless — installation is much more straightforward than with ducted air conditioning and heating systems. Our heat pump technicians not only offer a precise installation but also are meticulous about keeping your space clean, with minimal disruptions.

Valuable Rebates from Mass Save

If you’re in Massachusetts, such as Newburyport, Boxford, or Amesbury, you can take advantage of valuable Mass Save rebates when you install a ductless heat pump from Mitsubishi Electric. Earn up to $10,000 in rebates, depending on the size of your system. As a qualified contractor for Mass Save, Kearney HVAC can help you install your heat pump system while taking advantage of these rebates.

Be Prepared for the Summer Heat

With a heat pump system from Mitsubishi Electric installed in your home, you don’t have to worry about meticulously installing those window AC units this spring. Your indoor air handler(s) provide all of the cooling power you need to stay comfortable when it’s hot out. Plus, Mitsubishi Electric heat pump systems are whisper quiet  — so you won’t have to put up with the roar of a window AC unit all summer.

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