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Boiler Installation

Stay warm and save energy!

Our boilers are designed for efficiency!


Throughout the North Shore and into southeastern New Hampshire, boilers are a common way for New England homeowners to heat their homes. Residential gas boilers are typically far less expensive to operate than electric baseboard heaters. Kearney HVAC designs and installs high-quality gas-fired boilers for exceptional home comfort.

Heating Your MA or NH Home with an Energy Efficient Boiler 

We install different models of whole-house boilers. Our great selection allows us to come up with a heating solution that is best for your home, whether your in Exeter, Newbury or somewhere in between. Gas boilers can help cut your utility costs, especially when an energy-conserving condensing boiler is installed.

There are a variety of different models of energy efficient boilers to choose from. Some Massachusetts and New Hampshire homeowners may qualify for cash rebates and 0% interest financing options that significantly reduce the cost of a new boiler.

Properly Sizing Your Boiler

The Kearney HVAC team is trained in properly sizing boilers for optimum comfort, energy efficiency and system longevity. Unfortunately, many home boilers aren’t properly sized. Oversized boilers (which are more common than undersized ones) result in higher utility bills and equipment expenses. This means that even a high-efficiency gas boiler won’t necessarily deliver the energy savings it should.

Undersized boilers, on the other hand, may not be able to keep your home warm enough, especially during cold snaps. They’ll work extra hard during cold weather and may incur excessive wear and tear.

How’s Your Boiler Efficiency?

The energy efficiency of boilers is rated by its annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE). The higher the AFUE of the unit, the greater its energy savings. For example, a boiler with a 80% AFUE means it uses 80% of the energy it consumes to actually heat your home and 20% escapes up your chimney or elsewhere. We install boilers with exceptional AFUE ratings for lower utility bills.

Heating Specialists You Can Trust

The Kearney HVAC team conducts a free in-home consultation to help determine the best boiler for your home. As your local North Shore experts, our team will explain all the different options to you to help you choose the best boiler for your home, budget, and heating preferences.

Ready to upgrade to a reliable, energy efficient boiler? Call 978-388-0845 or contact us online to schedule a free in-home consultation!

Myth Busting: Heat Pumps in Cold Weather

Home in winter
Just a few years ago, heat pumps were not an adequate exclusive heating system for New England homes because they couldn't operate in extremely cold conditions. However, recent technology advances have changed this.

Very knowledgeable and thorough

Zack was awesome. Very knowledgeable and thorough. I’ll recommend your company to the six owners in this building! 🙂 Thank you.
Marie Mulcahy