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Mitsubishi Electric Heating & Air Conditioning Systems

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At Kearney HVAC, our top priority is to help you find the most reliable heating and cooling system for your home. Whether you’re looking for a ducted heat pump or a ductless heat pump system for whole home comfort, Mitsubishi Electric Heating & Air Conditioning systems offer several benefits. As your trusted local Mitsubishi Electric Diamond™ Dealer, our team provides the highest level of service with years of training and experience installing Mitsubishi Electric products.  

Why Choose Mitsubishi Electric Heating & Air Conditioning?

Heat pumps are some of the highest performing HVAC systems on the market today and Mitsubishi Electric Heating & Air Conditioning systems are unmatched in quality. 

Energy Efficiency

Mitsubishi Electric ducted and ductless heat pumps boast high efficiency ratings for both heating and cooling, which can reduce your energy bills by up to 40%.

Optimal Winter Performance

Older heat pumps were known to have poor performance in colder climates, however, a Mitsubishi Electric heat pump system can operate in temperatures as low as -13°F!

Advanced Technologies

From zoned controls and access to your heat pump from the kumo cloud® app, to 3D i-see Sensors® that can maintain your precise temperature settings, Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps are state-of-the-art.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Heat pumps run on electricity—not fossil fuel—which makes them better for your home’s breathing air. In addition, Mitsubishi Electric Heating & Air Conditioners have continuous filtration that removes pollutants, like smoke, odors, allergens, and more. 

Save on Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump Installation with Incentives!

Because heat pumps are better for your home and the environment, they’re eligible for several incentives, including:

  • Mass Save® Rebates – Massachusetts residents can get an instant rebate of up to $10,000 for installing a Mitsubishi Electric ductless or ducted heat pump in their homes.
  • 25C Federal Tax Credits – Homeowners can get a federal tax credit covering 30% of the total cost of heat pump installation, up to $2,000. 

Learn more about available incentives here.

Mitsubishi Electric Products From Kearney HVAC

Heat pumps are so energy efficient because they move heat instead of creating it. They run exclusively on electricity, which saves your home from the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or other fossil fuel combustion risks. 

Kearney HVAC is a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Dealer, which means we are knowledgeable about their innovative heat pump systems. We carry a wide variety of Mitsubishi Electric Heating & Air Conditioners that can fit any home in Essex County, Massachusetts, and southern New Hampshire. Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps also come with generous factory warranties, protecting your investment.

Install a Mitsubishi Electric Heating & Air Conditioning system in your home. Call 978-388-0845 today or contact us online to get started.

Myth Busting: Heat Pumps in Cold Weather

Home in winter
Just a few years ago, heat pumps were not an adequate exclusive heating system for New England homes because they couldn't operate in extremely cold conditions. However, recent technology advances have changed this.

Very knowledgeable and thorough

Zack was awesome. Very knowledgeable and thorough. I’ll recommend your company to the six owners in this building! 🙂 Thank you.
Marie Mulcahy