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Addressing Common Winter IAQ Issues

Winter IAQ problems?

Find solutions with Kearney.



When the weather turns cold, we all tend to spend more time indoors. But, did you know the EPA reports that indoor air can be up to 5 times more polluted than outdoors? 

Take a look at some of the common causes of poor indoor air quality for homes in North Shore, MA, and Seacoast, NH, and find out how you can improve them with the Kearney HVAC team: 

Addressing Common Winter IAQ Issues infographic

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Poor HVAC Maintenance

Dirty air filters, improper ventilation, and a lack of maintenance can all cause IAQ problems in your home. During a heating system tune-up, a Kearney HVAC technician will inspect your furnace, boiler, or heat pump to ensure it’s operating efficiently and not contributing to unhealthy breathing air.

Low Indoor Humidity

We often have high humidity levels here in New England, but the winters can be excessively dry. Installing a humidifier in your home for the colder months can help you keep indoor humidity levels in the EPA recommended 30-50% range. 

High Levels of Pollutants

Cooking, cleaning, and other indoor activities can all lead to more volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and pollutants in your home. Air purification systems, like iWave or Aprilaire purifiers, can seamlessly integrate with your HVAC system and deliver fresh, clean air through your home’s central duct system. Effective ductless and standalone purification systems are also available for homes without ductwork. 

Get Reliable Indoor Air Quality Services with Kearney HVAC

If you suffer from increased allergy and asthma symptoms, unbalanced indoor humidity levels, or other signs of poor indoor air quality, give the team at Kearney HVAC a call. With our complete IAQ solutions, we can help you breathe easier this winter and any time of the year. 

Improve your winter air quality today. Call 978-704-7133 or contact us online to get started.