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Can heat pumps dehumidify?

Humidity control & cooling are top features of Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps.

Installing an energy efficient mini-split heat pump has never been easier!


Summer on the North Shore MA and Seacoast NH is in full force— warm, sunny days. But often it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity that really makes folks uncomfortable this time of year. So we often hear the question: Can heat pumps dehumidify? The short answer is yes!

Keep Cool & Dry with a Mitsubishi Electric Mini-split 

A great way to beat the heat and the humidity is with a Mitsubishi Electric ductless mini-split heat pump installed by the cooling experts at Kearney HVAC. Mini-splits combine excellent energy efficiency with unmatched cooling and dehumidifying capabilities, as well as effective heating during the winter. It’s important to understand a little about how heat pumps work to see how they control humidity.

How Do Heat Pumps Remove Humidity?

Heat pumps work by drawing warm air out of your house to the heat pump unit. The warm air is cooled by passing over a condenser coil that contains refrigerant. As the air is cooled, moisture will condense, much like it does on the outside a glass of iced tea on a hot summer day. The condensed water is drained outside and the dry, cooled air is returned back inside via indoor air handling unit. 

Extra Dehumidifying Features

Mitsubishi Electric mini-split heat pumps may also be programmed for a dry mode to remove excess inside moisture. This dry mode uses the fan a lower speeds to draw out excess moisture in a room without heating or cooling the air. Because the dry function removes moisture from the air, the temperature in the room will be cooler. The dry function doesn’t allow for setting a temperature, so once the dry mode is completed, you need to switch back to cool mode and the set temperature.

The Benefits of Zones

Because Mitsubishi Electric ductless heat pumps can be installed in any room, they are perfect for creating individually controlled heating and cooling zones within your home. With the unpredictability of our coast summer weather, everyone can set the heating or cooling level they desire when the sun goes down and ocean breezes pick up. Mini-splits operate without expensive bulky ductwork so they can be located in living rooms, bedrooms or additions.

Fingertip Controls

The easy operation of Mitsubishi Electric ductless mini-split heat pumps is why we recommend them to Seacoast homeowners looking for comfort and energy savings. The electronic remote can be configured in many different ways to maximize airflow, temperature, direction and fan speed for each room in your home. Once installed,  your Kearney HVAC technician will explain the remote control operation and features.

Hassle-free Heat Pump Installation 

As a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Dealer, Kearney HVAC heat pump technicians have been professionally trained to install each component of the mini-split with exacting precision. Mini-splits installation is a relatively simple process. The two units are connected with small diameter tubes that carry air between the outside heat pump and the inside air handler. 

Extra Incentives from Mass Save

If you’re still not sure if a ductless heat pump is right the added incentives from Mass Save can help you decide. You may qualify for as much as $10,000 in rebates from Mass Save. Once your Mitsubishi Electric Mini-split heat pumps is installed, your energy savings will begin!