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Do Heat Pumps Require a Special Thermostat?

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Upgrading your Portsmouth, NH or Plymouth, MA home with Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps will help you and your family improve your home comfort and lower your energy bills, using just one system to both heat and cool your home year-round. And because Kearney HVAC is a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor, you’ll benefit from extended warranties and superior customer service.

But because of the unique nature of heat pumps, they require a few special things to operate at their most efficient, one is which is a special thermostat! Here’s why you’d need to make a switch to gain the most from your new HVAC upgrade with Kearney and Mitsubishi Electric.

What Does a Heat Pump Thermostat Do?

Whether you’re planning on ducted heat pump installation or you want to use Mitsubishi Electric mini splits to bring comfort and lower energy costs to specific areas of your home, one of the main benefits to heat pump technology—and what sets it apart from other traditional HVAC systems—is its dual heating and cooling settings.

In the summer, heat pumps extract heat from inside your home and transfer it outside, cooling down your home. In the winter, that process is reversed, and heat is extracted from outdoor air (even cooler or cold air contains some heat) and brought inside to keep your house warm.

However, because it’s easier for a heat pump to operate efficiently during hot weather than it is when it’s cold, heat pumps from Mitsubishi Electric have backup heat modes that are used when the temperature drops below a certain point, in order to keep your home as comfortable as you’d like. A special heat pump thermostat is needed to know when to activate this backup heat mode—without it, your system will struggle to keep up with dropping temperatures.

Heat Pump Setback Temperature Control

A heat pump thermostat also has an advantage over regular programmable thermostats when it comes to handling setback temperatures—like when you program your HVAC system to lower the heat overnight or while you’re out of the house at work during the day.

Heat pumps operate most efficiently when they’re constantly running, and don’t save as much energy when they’re being asked to quickly change the temperature in a room. Using a heat pump thermostat manages your setback temperature settings so that your efficiency is optimized without sacrificing the comfort you expect when you wake up in the morning or walk into your home after a long day.

Keeping You Safe While Providing Superior Home Comfort Services

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