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Do You Really Save Money with a Heat Pump?

Start saving on energy costs!

Switch to a heat pump today.


We experience the full range of seasons here in New England, as everyone from the North Shore of Massachusetts to New Hampshire’s Seacoast Region knows to be true, and your HVAC system needs to be able to handle everything from sweltering heat to below-freezing temperatures. But keeping your home warm enough in the winter and cool enough in the summer can be expensive, incentivizing many homeowners to look for alternative options, like heat pumps. 

If you’ve done any research on the matter, you know heat pumps are one of the most energy-efficient options when it comes to heating and cooling your home. But will a heat pump installation really save you money? Let’s find out. 

Here’s How Much a Heat Pump Saves… 

Unlike traditional heating systems that create heat—think of a furnace or boiler—heat pumps simply transfer it, making them far more energy efficient. They use a combination of liquid refrigerants, copper coils, and electricity to move heat out of your home in the summer and into it in the winter. Technological advancements have led to the development of advanced heat pumps that can efficiently both heat and cool your home, year-round, like the Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps and Mitsubishi Electric mini-splits that Kearney HVAC installs.

Because they don’t require much energy to run, heat pumps can definitely save you money, but how much depends on what kind of heating system you currently have in place. 

…If you’re switching from an electrical resistance system, such as baseboard heating or space heaters, a heat pump will help you save significantly. Heat pumps use far less electricity than other types of electrical heating and cooling systems, making them much more cost-effective to operate and leading to lower electricity bills. 

…If you’re switching from an oil or propane system, the cost savings are a little more complex. Because you’re not currently using any electricity to heat your home, installing a heat pump will likely cause your electricity bills to rise. But, once you make the switch, you’ll no longer have to refill your propane or oil tank, potentially eliminating fuel costs entirely.  

Heat Pumps Save More Than Money 

Investing in a heat pump installation isn’t just good for your wallet—it’s also good for the world. Moving away from propane, oil, and natural gas is crucial for creating a cleaner and more sustainable future. And even as we electrify the heating industry, it’s best to invest in equipment that uses as little electricity as possible. Heat pumps are an excellent choice for eco-conscious homeowners as they don’t require any nonrenewable resources to operate and only use a small amount of electricity when compared to other electrical heating systems. 

Make the Switch Today

Whether your current heating system is old and needs to be replaced or you’re looking for ways to supplement your existing propane system with a more efficient option, installing a heat pump is a great decision. 

As the local HVAC expert serving homeowners from the North Shore of Massachusettes to the Seacoast Region of New Hampshire, Kearney HVAC can answer any questions you may have about how much heat pumps cost to run and how much heat pumps cost to install, and help you decide whether a ducted heat pump or ductless mini split is the right fit for your heating and cooling needs. We can also make it easier for you to upgrade by helping you qualify for the Mass Save Heat Pump Rebates Program, which could help you save up to $10,000! 

Want to have a heat pump installed in your home? Kearney HVAC can help! Call 978-388-0845or contact us here to get started.