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Does Upgrading Your AC Really Save You Money?

AC system on the fritz?

Upgrade before it breaks down!


As we move through the dog days of summer, homeowners throughout North Shore, Massachusetts and Seacoast, New Hampshire have their eyes on their AC systems. After all, many of us rely on our air conditioning to keep us cool while we work, sleep, and more—a breakdown this summer could be disastrous and expensive. 

If you’re concerned about the well-being of your AC unit, now could be the perfect time to upgrade. Kearney HVAC is here to help you decide! Learn about the benefits of an upgraded AC system and more from the trusted Kearney pros. 

Stop Overpaying for a Comfortable Home

By upgrading your AC, you’ll be able to:

Improve Your Home Efficiency

Air conditioners are notorious for burning energy, especially if you have an older model. One of the biggest benefits of ducted heat pumps and other newer air conditioning technology is that they need less energy to maintain your comfort settings. 

Lower Monthly Energy Bills

It’s true—upgrading your AC can save you money! Because you’ll need less energy to cool your home with a new AC system, you’ll be able to enjoy lower cooling costs throughout the cooling months. 

Plus, by upgrading to a heat pump, you could enjoy lower cost heating AND only pay to maintain one system to achieve year-round comfort. 

Avoid Costly Emergency Breakdowns

Is your AC giving you signs that it’s on its way out? Don’t suffer a breakdown during peak cooling season! If your AC is nearing 10 years old or hasn’t been annually maintained throughout its lifetime, you could be on the brink of an AC failure. Avoid the headache and expense of an emergency repair or replacement by scheduling your upgrade now. 

Maintain Your AC Investment with Maintenance from Kearney

Air conditioning systems are major expenses in the operations of a home, so why not maintain your air conditioner and enjoy the benefits of a reliable system for years to come? AC Service & Maintenance with Kearney HVAC is one of the easiest ways to do so.

A well-maintained system will be more efficient, costing less to operate throughout its lifetime. It will also offer fewer breakdowns, as NATE-certified Kearney technicians will take the time to thoroughly inspect your AC to make sure it is operating optimally.

Massachusetts Homeowners Save More with Mass Save®!

Have you heard of the Mass Save heat pump rebate program? These generous incentives are helping Massachusetts homeowners enjoy the benefits of heat pump heating and cooling! Systems like mini split heat pumps offer both heating AND cooling for year-round comfort, and their efficient operation makes these systems very popular among New England homeowners.

Even better—the Mass Save® Heat Pump Rebate can help qualified homeowners earn up to $10,000 toward the purchase of efficient heat pumps! Get started today with Kearney. 

Avoid a stressful AC breakdown with Kearney HVAC. Call 978-388-0845or contact us online to learn more!