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Fall Heating System Checklist

Is your furnace ready for the cooler weather ahead?

Give the Kearney HVAC team a call to make sure!



The leaves are starting to change and the outdoor air is getting crisp, signaling the arrival of fall in New England! While the season is a great time to get out and enjoy the scenery, it’s also the perfect time to start preparing your home for the winter months. 

Your heating system plays a crucial role in keeping your home warm and cozy when the temperatures start to drop, and Kearney HVAC can help you make sure it’s up to the task. Whether you have a traditional gas furnace, boiler, or an energy-efficient heat pump, our fall heating system checklist is a great place to get started with your winter preparations. 

1. Replace Your Air Filter

The filter on your furnace works to protect both you and your heating system by catching dust and other debris. A clogged air filter can lead to several furnace issues, including reduced airflow and efficiency, high energy bills, poor indoor air quality, and costly furnace repairs. Most air filters should be replaced every 30-60 days, but it’s always best to refer to your specific manufacturer recommendations. 

2. Check Your Vents

If your home has a central duct system that circulates warm air, it’s always a good idea to give your vents a once over before you switch on your furnace for the first time. Even if your cooling system utilizes the same duct system during the summer, furniture, plants, and other items can still obstruct the airflow and make your HVAC work harder than it needs to.  

3. Test Your Thermostat

Before the frigid temperatures roll around, you should test your thermostat and furnace. You can do this by simply setting the thermostat a few degrees higher than normal and listening for the heating system to kick on. If you notice any issues, give the Kearney team a call for furnace service. We’ll make sure everything is up and running before winter arrives!

4. Schedule Furnace Maintenance

One of the most important things you can do to keep your heating system running efficiently all winter long is to keep up with regular maintenance. Protecting your furnace from breakdowns and costly repairs is easy with a Kearney Service Agreement! Our preventative maintenance plans offer full performance tune-ups, 24-hour priority service, and value pricing on a replacement heating system!

5. Replace Your Old Heating System

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your furnace is to replace it with a new, energy-efficient model. Generally, if you’re having recurring problems with a heating system that’s over 10 years old, the best option is furnace replacement. 

At Kearney HVAC, we offer furnace, boiler, and both ducted and ductless heat pump installation. Our expert team can evaluate your home and heating needs to find the right system for you and your budget. We’re also a qualified contractor in the Mass Save® program and can help you maximize your savings on a new heating system with furnace or heat pump rebates up to $10,000! Mass Save also offers 0% financing and their rebates can be combined with Inflation Reduction Act tax credits that reduce your federal tax liability up to $2,000. 

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