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Get the Most from Your Ductless Heat Pumps in Winter Weather

Upgrade to ductless mini splits — the right way.

Talk to your local Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor.


If you’re a North Shore area homeowner who is considering upgrading your home heating system, you’re not alone. Many homeowners in the area are looking for ways to improve their winter comfort while saving energy.

With a ductless heat pump system by Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating, you can achieve both of these goals and more. A heat pump or ductless mini split system by Mitsubishi Electric features an outdoor unit connected to one or more indoor air handlers — installed wherever you need them. What’s more is that these compact systems are extremely efficient and offer both heating and cooling.

Considering a ductless heat pump system for your winter comfort needs? Here’s what you need to know.

Why Heat Your Home with Heat Pumps?

Here are just a few of the winter benefits you can expect when you install one or more heat pumps in your North Shore area home:

  • “Zone” your home with multiple indoor units

  • Choose where each indoor unit is installed

  • Install as many units as your home needs

  • Give each zone its own temperature setting

  • Save energy with efficient heating

  • Lower your annual heating costs

Optimize Your Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump for Winter

Ductless heat pumps by Mitsubishi Electric are rated to provide heat when outdoor temperatures go as low as -13°F. Still, it’s important to do what you can to help your system run as efficiently as possible. Here are a few ways to get the most from a new ductless mini split system.

Weatherize Your Home

Many houses in Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire have air leaks and insulation gaps which let valuable indoor escape all winter. Weatherizing your home with upgrades like air sealing and reinsulation will keep more heat indoors so you can run your mini split system less often.

Make Sure Your System Is Sized Correctly

When it comes time to have your heat pump system installed, be sure to work with a contractor who will size your system correctly for optimum efficiency and comfort in the winter. As a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor, we perform in-depth calculations before every installation to ensure correct system sizing.

Protect the Outdoor Unit

During the mini split heat pump installation process, you should also make sure the outdoor unit will be able to withstand harsh winter weather. Outdoor heat pump units are designed to defrost most snow and ice accumulation on the unit; but minimizing the amount of snow that collects on or around the unit can help improve energy efficiency.

An experienced heat pump installer will install the outdoor unit a foot or two above the ground so snow accumulates below the unit instead of around it. In addition, you might consider investing in a “roof” for your unit, installed above the unit to keep snow from collecting on top.

Maximize Your Winter Comfort with Kearney HVAC

If you’re considering enhancing your winter comfort with the power of a Mitsubishi Electric mini split system, talk to the team at Kearney HVAC. As the North Shore area and southern New Hampshire’s local Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor, we’re here to help you maximize your indoor comfort and conserve energy with a Mitsubishi Electric home comfort system.

Ready to upgrade your home comfort with a Mitsubishi Electric heat pump? We can help. Contact us or call 978-388-0845today to talk to Kearney HVAC, your local Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor!