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Heat pumps for cooling in the summers

Keep cool this summer with a mini-split heat pump!

Ductless technology means flexible summer cooling!


Summers on the Seacoast of NH and Boston North Shore can be hot and humid. So what’s the best way to beat the heat and save energy and money? Check out a mini-split heat pump for maximum efficiency and easy installation. The cooling pros at Kearney HVAC recommend high efficiency Mitsubishi Electric mini-split heat pumps for excellent value and performance. In case you hadn’t heard, here’s the skinny on ductless mini-split heat pumps:

How Ductless Mini-splits Work

Mini-split heat pumps do their magic by moving heat in and out of your house. Ductless mini-splits consist of two units: the interior air handler unit and the exterior heat pump. These two units are connected by small diameter tubing and don’t require bulky expensive ductwork.  In the summer, the interior air handler draws in hot air and sends it outside where the heat pump removes the heat from the coolant before returning it inside to cool. In the winter, the mini-split heat pump reverses the process and provides cozy heated air inside.

Benefits of Mini-splits for New England Homeowners

“If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes!” That old Yankee saying is certainly true in our corner of Seacoast NH and North Shore Boston. Ductless heat pumps are a perfect solution for our changeable weather. Mitsubishi Electric mini-splits are equipped with easy-to-operate controls. These controls allow homeowners to customize air direction, flow, temperature, fan speed and pre-programmed operation. So when that hot summer day turns cool and damp at night, you’ll be ready with your efficient mini-split that can switch modes with a touch of a button.

Saving Energy While Keeping Cool

The amazing energy savings are the result of using heat pump technology to heat and cool, without using any fuel like oil or natural gas to change the temperature. Other ways that Mitsubishi Electric mini-splits can save energy is they only transfer heat from one place to another. And because they don’t require bulky ductwork, they can heat and cool very specific locations like bedrooms, additions, or game rooms that are too hot or cold.

How are Mini-splits Installed?

Mitsubishi Electric mini-splits can be located any room or area in your home where you need cooling. Because Kearney HVAC is a Diamond Dealer for Mitsubishi Electric, we’ve learned the optimal installation procedure direct from the manufacturer. You’ll be surprised at just how quickly and easily installing a ductless mini-split heat pump is! The outdoor unit is located on a ground mount or attached to the exterior wall on brackets. The indoor unit is placed high on a wall to provide maximum air flow. The tubes are connected and concealed with between the indoor and outdoor unit, and power is supplied through wiring inside the walls. You can count on the professional team from Kearney HVAC to ensure your Mitsubishi Electric mini-split heat pump is installed right. We’ll even walk you through the operation basics before we clean up and leave.

Check Out Mass Save Rebates & Financing

One great benefit for Massachusetts homeowners is the energy efficiency rebate program through Mass Save when you upgrade your home’s heating and cooling with qualifying products.. The upsides for adding a mini-split heat pump to your North Shore MA home could be as much as $10,000 in savings! Plus, many homeowners also qualify for 0% financing for home efficiency upgrades through Mass Save. As longtime partners with Mass Save, the pros at Kearney HVAC can make sure you’re maximizing your Mass Save rebates and benefits.