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How Does a Heat Pump Work for Cooling?

Looking for an efficient way to cool your home this summer?

Heat pumps can help with that, too!


Heat pumps go by many names—and not all of them adequately sum up the versatility and efficiency of these home comfort appliances. Mini splits, ductless heat pumps, heat pump air conditioners, ductless mini splits—these are all names used to describe similar heating and cooling equipment. But with “heat” in the name, how is it that a heat pump can provide cool air for your North Shore home?

Here at Kearney, we spend our days talking to homeowners throughout Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire about how heat pumps can be used as a year round home comfort solution, but we get the most head turns when we talk about how you can use a heat pump to cool a home. Here’s how it works!

Heat Pumps = Heat Movers

The primary function of a heat pump is to move heat from one area to another. As your home heats up in the summer temperatures, a heat pump pushes warm air over the cold evaporator coils in the indoor air handler that contain refrigerant, cooling the air that is headed for your living space. As that heat from the air is absorbed by the refrigerant in the evaporator coils, the refrigerant travels to the outdoor compressor unit where it is cooled down again, and sent back into the indoor air handler. 

All of this to say:

A heat pump removes heat from the air in your home, cooling it down. 

This is similar to how a refrigerator or a standard air conditioner operates. But what makes a heat pump unique is that it can reverse the process when the winter arrives!

Heat Pumps Help You Save

This process of moving heat is a much more efficient way to cool (and heat) your home, which will save you on your heating and cooling costs. In fact, heat pumps are so efficient that they can produce 3 times the amount of energy that they consume! But in addition to being an energy saving device, you can also save on the cost of mini split installation through rebates from the Mass Save program. 

Mass Save Heat Pump Rebates

The Mass Save program makes heat pump installation even more affordable for Massachusetts homeowners. When you choose a qualifying product, like a Mitsubishi Electric heat pump, you can save between $250 and $1,250 per ton (typical heat pump mini splits are between 1 and 2 tons, depending on the heating and cooling load of your home).

Ask Kearney About Mitsubishi Electric Mini Split Installation

Don’t let the name fool you—a heat pump efficiently provides the cool air you need to keep your home at the perfect temperature, all throughout the summer heat. If you are looking for an air conditioning replacement or a little extra help cooling that one hot room in your home, ask Kearney about installing a Mitsubishi Electric mini split heat pump today. We will ensure you save the maximum on your installation costs through the Mass Save Program, so you can start saving on your cooling costs right away!

Does your home need a little extra help staying cool this summer? Ask Kearney about upgrading your home cooling power with Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps. Call 978-388-0845or get in touch here.