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How to Keep Mini Split Filters Clean

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Ductless mini splits don’t require a ton of upkeep, but there are a few maintenance tasks that should be completed regularly if you want to keep your mini split in optimal condition. One of the most important of these is cleaning the air filters. Thankfully, this is a simple chore that you can easily take care of yourself. 

How to Clean a Mini Split Filter 

If you have a Mitsubishi mini split, cleaning the filters is easy. Just follow these five steps to get the job done. 

1. Turn Off the Mini Split 

Before you remove and clean the air filter, you’ll want to make sure the mini split is turned off. This is a precaution that will protect both you and your ductless air conditioning system

2. Open the Wall-Mounted Unit 

Once you’ve turned your mini split off, you can open it up. To do so, gently lift the front panel until you hear a soft click. The panel should open easily and without force. Once open, you’ll be able to see the air filters. 

3. Gently Remove the Filters 

There should be two air filters inside of your mini split air conditioner. With the front panel open, gently slide the filters out, being careful not to shake dust from the filters while removing them. 

4. Vacuum and/or Wash the Filters 

Using a very low-powered vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment, gently vacuum the filters. If you have a mini split cleaning kit, you can use the attachments from the kit to vacuum the filters.

If there is any dust or debris left after vacuuming the filters, or if you do not have a vacuum cleaner to use, the filters should be washed by hand using lukewarm water. The most efficient way to clean your mini split air filter is by using the spray attachment on your kitchen sink. Once clean, let the filters air dry. They should not be placed back inside the unit until they are completely dry.

5. Replace the Filters 

When your filters are completely dry, slip them gently back into their original positions inside the unit. Then, close the front panel. Once the filters are back in place and the front panel is closed, you can turn your ductless mini split back on. 

How Often Should You Clean Mini Split Filters?

It’s typically recommended that you clean your ductless mini split’s air filters every two weeks and schedule a mini split air filter replacement once a year. Cleaning your air filters regularly will help: 

  • Improve indoor air quality 
  • Prevent mold in mini split 
  • Improve mini split efficiency 
  • Keep your home and family healthy 

Don’t Forget to Schedule Your Annual Mini Split Heat Pump Tune Up

Cleaning your air filters is important, but it isn’t the only maintenance task that needs to be performed in order to keep your mini splits in good condition. You should also schedule a tune up twice a year to make sure the indoor and outdoor units are operating as intended, and to catch any minor problems before they turn into major issues. 

Kearney HVAC offers mini split maintenance and repair services and can provide a full performance tune up for your mini split air conditioner. We offer an affordable Service Agreement that includes: 

  • Two performance tune ups a year 
  • Priority service 
  • Discounts on replacement parts and labor 
  • Waived emergency service fees

Kearney HVAC has been serving homeowners in Massachusetts and New Hampshire — from Newburyport to Amesbury, Georgetown, North Hampton, Rye, and beyond— for years, and is proud to be a local company you can count on for exceptional HVAC service whenever you need it. 

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