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How Much Is a Heat Pump?

Find out what heat pumps really cost to install.

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At Kearney HVAC, we can speak for hours on the advantages and benefits of heat pump installation in residential homes through the North Shore of Massachusetts and New Hampshire’s Seacoast, but we’ve talked to enough homeowners to know: Pricing is the essential factor for most homeowners when considering a change in their heating and cooling.

For those thinking about making the change to Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps, here’s what you need to know about pricing and how the total cost of heat pump and mini split installation can be affected by your home size, the model and unit you choose, as well as available rebates and incentives.

How Much is a Mini Split?

The average cost to install a heat pump in our service area is roughly $4,500 per unit.

But, just because that’s the average price doesn’t mean that’s necessarily what you’ll end up paying. Depending on a variety of factors, your total installation cost could be more—or it could be less! Here are just a few of the factors that we would need to give you a personalized cost estimate for a Mitsubishi Electric heat pump:

  • Square footage of your home

  • The SEER rating of the heat pump you’re installing

  • Is it a ducted heat pump or a ductless mini-split?

  • Will you be removing the old furnace, or using a heat pump as an add-on?

How Can I Lower the Cost of a Heat Pump?

For homeowners interested in making the switch to the high energy efficiency of heat pumps, there are also a number of financial incentives that will help lower the total installation cost even further. 

As a qualified contractor for the Mass Save rebates program, you could qualify for as much as $10,000 per ton* in Mass Save heat pump rebates as well as 0% interest loans for up to 7 years. That kind of money back could significantly reduce the upfront price of Mitsubishi Electric heat pump installation, and your total cost could end up well below the $4,500 figure mentioned above.

*“per ton” is a measurement of the cooling capacity of your chosen heat pump

Save More When You Upgrade to Heat Pumps with Kearney

More and more homeowners are taking the plunge and switching to the year-round advantages of heat pumps. With this cutting edge HVAC technology, you can lower your heating and cooling costs, eliminate inconsistent indoor comfort, and cut back on your home’s reliance on fossil fuels. Plus, with Mass Save mini split rebates and financing, you’ll be able to upgrade your home at an affordable price.

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