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If Your Furnace Quits, Look at Mini-Splits

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You’ve heard of Murphy’s Law: if anything can go wrong, it will. When it comes to furnaces, you can go one step further and say if it’s going to go wrong, it will do so at the worst possible moment! If your furnace is showing signs that it’s reaching its end or it already has, then it’s a good time to look at an alternative to furnace replacement.

Mini-split heat pumps have been gaining popularity for a few good reasons, and may be a better heating and cooling choice for you.

Energy Efficient Heating & Cooling in One Unit

Mini-splits, also known as ductless heat pumps, are a great fit for homes along the North Shore of Massachusetts and in southern New Hampshire, where the winters are frigid and the summers get steamy. Think of a mini-split as a highly efficient air conditioner that can also efficiently heat your home during the coldest months of the year.

Mini-splits provide electric heat, so they’re extremely energy efficient. A ductless mini-split can save you a significant amount on your heating and cooling bills all year long.

No Ducts, No Leaks & Other Benefits of Mini-Splits

Mini-splits offer several benefits that traditional furnaces do not.

  • No Ductwork

Mini-splits don’t require ductwork. This makes installation quick and noninvasive—often one 3-inch hole to connect the inside unit to the outside condenser is all that’s needed. There’s no need to think about where all the ductwork will go or to worry about duct upkeep or leaks that create energy inefficiency and increase heating and cooling costs.

  • No Leaks for Greater Energy Efficiency

With no leaks, there’s no outside air compromising your indoor air quality or raising your energy bills. So in addition to staying warm in winter and cool all summer, you can breathe easier at home all year long.

  • Increased Comfort Control

Ductless mini-splits allow you to create comfort zones in your home, where each zone is controlled by an indoor unit. Just one condensing unit outside can handle up to four air-handling units inside. This allows you to customize your home comfort and utilize heating and cooling only when and where you need it. You can use a mini-split system for just one room, such as an addition, or to heat and cool your entire home.

  • Higher Home Value

A sleek, modern, quiet and energy-efficient ductless heat pump decreases your carbon footprint and can increase the value of your home whereas a traditional furnace, particularly if it’s not new, might raise concerns about its longevity and efficiency.

Incentives to Switch to a Mini-Split with Kearney HVAC

If your furnace quits this winter—or better yet, before your furnace quits—talk to the experts at Kearney HVAC about the benefits of ductless mini-splits. We’ll review all your options and, if a mini-split is right for you, ensure you choose the right size unit for each area of your home. Our highly trained technicians are experienced in all aspects of mini-splits, including installation, service and repair.

To help make the transition from a traditional furnace even more attractive, Mass Save offers rebates of up to $500 and 0% interest financing for up to 7 years.

Before you replace that furnace, find out if a mini-split is a better option for you and your home. Contact us or call (978) 388-0845 for a free estimate today!