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Mitsubishi Electric Mini Splits: Perfect for Variable Fall Weather

Enjoy fall’s variable temps

Kearney HVAC installs mini-splits!


Few seasons are as beautiful as New England in the fall, though temperature changes can be unpredictable! During seasons with inconsistent temperatures, a Mitsubishi ductless system can make all the difference.

Ductless mini-splits are able to heat AND cool your home, and professional installation is a breeze. Mitsubishi Electric mini-splits are the best option for cold weather and cold climates. Even better, ductless mini-splits allow you to control your temperature at the touch of a button!

Kearney HVAC is a proud Mitsubishi Electric dealer with experience installing in NH & MA. Explore ductless mini-split installation for your home with Kearney HVAC. Call 978-363-6160.

Enjoy your most comfortable, efficient, and healthy fall yet. Call 978-388-0845or contact us online today!