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Myth Busting: Heat Pumps in Cold Weather

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Just a few years ago, heat pumps were not an adequate exclusive heating system for New England homes because they couldn’t operate in extremely cold conditions. However, recent technology advances have changed this.

An Exclusive Heating & Cooling Solution for New England Homes

Mini-split heat pumps are now a great heating solution for North Shore, Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire homes. These systems do not require a backup heating system, even during cold snaps. We now have many satisfied customers who use heat pumps as their exclusive heating and cooling solution for the entire year.

Mitsubishi Mini-Splits Operate in Extremely Cold Conditions

Kearney HVAC installs ductless Mitsubishi heat pumps that feature this innovative, advanced heating technology. These systems can reliably heat homes even during outdoor temperatures of -17° Fahrenheit. They also come with warranties to help protect your investment.

Despite these new advances, many misconceptions still exist among New England homeowners. Our goal is to educate homeowners about the comfort and energy savings that are possible with a high-quality Mitsubishi heat pump. We want our greater north Boston and southern New Hampshire customers to make educated decisions when installing a new HVAC system, so they can find the best heating and cooling solutions for their lifestyle, home, and budget.

A Simple HVAC Option

No ductwork is needed for these mini-splits. The indoor air handler unit is mounted and an outside heat pump unit is connected by refrigerant lines. When conditioning a few rooms, only one outside unit is needed. Little indoor space is needed for mechanicals, meaning you can save space. The temperature of the unit is adjusted using a remote or a wall-mounted thermostat. Our customers appreciate that the systems operate quietly and efficiently.

Allow True Zoning and Energy Savings

Mini-splits are well suited for both conditioning a single room or an entire home. Some homeowners use ductless heat pumps for room additions. Other customers install them for conditioning an entire home. Mini-splits allow true zoning throughout the home, so you can have different temperature settings for different rooms based on preference. This allows for customized home comfort and significant energy savings.

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