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Need Relief from the Heat? Call Kearney for Rapid Ductless Heat Pump Installation

Struggling to stay comfortable this summer?

Call Kearney HVAC for rapid ductless heat pump installation!



Summer is here in the Boxford, MA, and Exeter, NH areas, and with it has come the sweltering heat. If your cooling system is struggling to keep you cool and comfortable, waiting weeks for AC repairs or a new air conditioning system might not be an option. With the ability to reach hard-to-cool areas in your home that your duct system can’t reach, ductless mini split heat pumps can be a reliable solution. 

At Kearney HVAC, we’re Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Elite Contractor and offer priority installation of their innovative ductless heat pump systems, providing you quick relief from the heat without the complications of a traditional AC.

Ductless Heat Pumps vs Air Conditioners

Mini split heat pumps offer several advantages over traditional air conditioners, making them a good choice for both supplemental and whole-home cooling. 

  • Dual Functionality – While air conditioners only cool your home, heat pumps both heat and cool, give you year-round comfort.
  • Energy Efficient – Mitsubishi Electric Heating & Cooling Systems offer SEER ratings up to 30, which makes them some of the most energy efficient HVAC systems on the market today.
  • Customizable Comfort – Each air handler of a ductless heat pump allows for individual temperature controls, giving you zoned heating & cooling. 
  • No Ductwork Required – Mini split heat pumps don’t need to connect to your home’s central duct system, improving their efficiency.
  • Eligible for Incentives – Ductless heat pump installation qualifies for Mass Save® rebates up to $10,000 and heat pump tax credits up to $2,000! 
  • Quick Installation – With priority heat pump installation we can bring you instant relief from the heat and humidity. 

When a Ductless Heat Pump is the Right Choice

While the best way to know if a ductless heat pump is a good choice for you is with an in-home inspection from our team of HVAC specialists, here are a few situations where they’re the best option:

  • Sudden AC Breakdown – If your air conditioner won’t turn on in the middle of a heat wave, a ductless heat pump system will get your comfort back as quickly as possible, without complications. 
  • Home Additions – Expanding your home’s ductwork is a complex and expensive process, which makes mini splits a better choice for add-ons and bonus rooms. 
  • Older Homes – Many older homes in the North Shore and Seacoast area either don’t have ductwork at all or operate with an outdated system. 
  • High Energy Bills – If your cooling costs have significantly increased recently, your AC could be on its way toward a breakdown.
  • Zoned Heating & Cooling – Ductless heat pumps are a great choice for those who want to customize the temperature settings in different areas of their home. 

Kearney HVAC: Reliable Services When You Need Them Most

Based on the weather so far, it’s easy to say that this summer is going to be brutal. If you’re having trouble staying cool, give our NATE-certified technicians a call. Not only is every Kearney technician thoroughly trained on the best practices for HVAC installations, we treat every customer with respect and provide customized solutions for every job. We have the qualifications necessary to get your home comfort back—and fast!

Get started with rapid ductless heat pump installation. Call 978-388-0845 or contact us online for more information.