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The Technology Behind Heat Pumps

Heat pumps can keep you comfortable all year round!

Are you ready to upgrade your HVAC system?



Heat pumps are some of the most energy efficient HVAC systems available. They can help you save on energy bills while also being safer for your home than combustion heating systems. In the past, heat pumps were not made to endure colder temperatures—like the harsh New England winters—but that has changed. Today’s cold weather heat pumps can maintain their efficiency all the way in the Arctic!

Kearney HVAC installs Mitsubishi Electric Heating & Air Conditioning systems for all heat pumps in northern Mass and southern New Hampshire. Their state-of-the-art technologies can help keep your home comfortable and energy efficient all year long.

How Heat Pumps Work

Heat pumps do not create heat. Instead, they use a compressed refrigerant to transfer heat in or out of your home. During the summer, heat pumps will use the refrigerant as a medium to remove heat from the inside, while replacing it with cool air. This process is reversed in the winter, exchanging the cold indoor air with heat extracted from the air outside.

Heat pumps work as an air conditioner in summer, but are also specially designed to withstand below-freezing temperatures. They can pull heat from outside in temperatures as low as -13° F and convert it to warm, comfortable air for your North Shore home. With a Mitsubishi Electric Heating & Air Conditioning system from Kearney HVAC, you’ll stay comfortable on the hottest summer days and coldest winter nights.

Types of Heat Pumps

When considering a heat pump for your New England home, there are two main types to consider. Both types of Mitsubishi Electric Heating & Air Conditioning systems use heat from an outdoor unit and refrigerant to warm or cool your home.

Ductless Heat Pumps

Ductless, or mini split, heat pumps provide room-by-room controls for a more efficient way to keep your home comfortable. One or more indoor units are connected to the compressor by a refrigerant line as opposed to a duct system. The indoor units can be installed in any room or area in your home, so you can heat or cool each space directly.

Mitsubishi Electric ductless systems work best in homes built without ducts, home add-ons, bonus rooms, finished basements, and houses with open floor plans.

Ducted Heat Pumps

Ducted heat pumps work, and look, like central air conditioning units. These systems operate with an outdoor unit and a coil located inside your home’s ductwork. Throughout the summer, refrigerant within the coil will pump warm indoor air to the unit outside. This process is reversed in the winter. The outdoor unit will detect heat in the outside air and distribute it throughout your home.

Mitsubishi Electric ducted systems can either work in tandem with your current HVAC system or as a complete replacement.

Heat Pump Installation from Kearney HVAC

Kearney HVAC is a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor, which means we can provide you with added benefits when you upgrade to either a mini split or ducted Mitsubishi Heating & Air Conditioning system. This includes a 12-year warranty and an extended labor warranty to ensure you get the most from your system.

In addition to those savings, we can also help Massachusetts homeowners get up to $10,000 back with the Mass Save heat pump rebate. There’s no better time to start upgrading your North Shore home—schedule a consultation with Kearney HVAC today!

Install a heat pump in your home. Call 978-388-0845 or contact us online to get an estimate.