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Three HVAC Maintenance Tips for Spring

Want to take your HVAC maintenance to the next level?

Have the pros do it!


If you’ve been watching the local temperatures start to rise, you might be wondering how you can prepare your HVAC for spring. The change in seasons means a change in thermostat settings, and some HVAC spring cleaning can do your home (and your wallet) a lot of good once the New England summer has arrived.

Here are the HVAC cleaning tips and maintenance tasks that you can take care of now to better prepare your home for spring. 

1. Replace Any Air Filters

The air filters of your heating and cooling system handle all of the air in your home—that’s a lot of dirt, dust, pollen, chemicals, and pet dander to hold onto! Replacing your filters every 3–60 days is one of the most important HVAC maintenance tasks throughout the year and applies similarly to cleaning the filters of heat pumps and ductless mini-splits

Clean air filters put a reduced strain on your heating and cooling system, making it more efficient and reducing wear and tear. 

2. Clear Outdoor Units of Debris and Obstructions

Both heat pumps and air conditioners have outdoor compressor units, and it is not uncommon for the fall and winter to deposit debris around these units.

Before spring arrives in full, it’s a good idea to take a walk outside and clear any leaves, twigs, excess mud or dirt, and trim any overgrown vegetation. The goal is to keep 3 feet or more of clear area around an outside compressor unit. 

3. Check Your Condensate Drain

Air conditioners and heat pumps offer some dehumidification while providing cool air into your home. The excess moisture from a ductless mini-split or air conditioner will collect into a drain pan and run through a condensate line that then runs through the exterior of your home. Condensate lines can become clogged or blocked due to gunky buildup over time — which can cause your equipment to freeze or lead to water damage. 

It is a good sign if you are noticing your condensate line is dripping while you are running your cooling equipment, but the best way to be sure your condensate line is not clogged is with an HVAC maintenance company like Kearney HVAC. 

Schedule Professional HVAC Maintenance!

In addition to these HVAC system spring cleaning tips, scheduling professional maintenance will uncover any problems “under the hood.”

With Kearney’s HVAC maintenance, we can: 

  • Check and clear condensate lines

  • Inspect and adjust blower compartments

  • Tighten and lubricate parts where necessary

  • Locate any problematic wear and tear that could indicate an AC breakdown is on the horizon

The Benefits of HVAC Maintenance

  • Cooling bill savings

  • Increased comfort

  • Healthier indoor air

  • Increased lifespan

Spending the time and money to keep your HVAC system in prime condition will help you save money on expensive emergency repairs and energy costs, and give you more time with a system that lasts longer. A healthier HVAC system also means a healthier, more comfortable home throughout all four seasons here on the North Shore. 

As your heating and cooling needs change from year to year, you may notice that it is time to add a heat pump to a newly added or finished area of the home. Kearney HVAC can find the right Mitsubishi Electric ductless system for your home, manufactured by the trusted name in heat pumps and mini-splits, Mitsubishi Electric Heating & Air Conditioning. Heat pump installation also qualifies for up to $10,000 in rebates savings, thanks to the Mass Save Program!

Ready to get serious about your HVAC maintenance? Call Kearney, the AC and Heat pump experts at 978-388-0845or get in touch here.