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What You Should Know About Natural Gas

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Natural gas currently serves millions of homes and businesses in the U.S. People use it to operate major appliances, like stoves, water heaters and heating systems.

Are you making the most of this natural resource to heat your Newburyport, MA or southern New Hampshire area home? What do you know about natural gas? Is it safe and affordable? Is it easily sourced and delivered?

Read on and see how your natural gas knowledge stacks up.

Minimize Your Environmental Impact

  • Clean Burning

Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel on the market. It contains fewer impurities and emits lower emissions than other fuels, such as coal or oil. A cleaner burn means less wear and tear on your heating equipment, too, so it lasts longer.

  • Extremely Efficient

Because natural gas is so efficient, you’re able to use less fuel to get the same results―heating your home, running your stove, or dryer―than you would using electricity or oil.

Gain Peace of Mind

  • Safely Transported

Natural gas is transported to homes and businesses through pipelines, considered the safest method of energy transportation by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Nearly 30,000 miles of natural gas pipelines are updated every year to plastic pipe, the safest and most reliable conduit.

  • Invested in Safety

Natural gas utilities spend billions every year to ensure the safety of natural gas transportation and delivery. Incidents involving gas lines have decreased more than 40 percent over the past 10 years.

Lower Your Energy Bills

  • More Stable Price

Most natural gas is extracted in North America, which removes the uncertainty of price fluctuations that we experience with oil from foreign countries.

  • Less Fuel Consumption

Natural gas almost always costs less than oil, propane or electricity, especially when its efficiency is factored in. For example, even if electricity seems less expensive initially, it often takes more of it to achieve the same results that you get using less natural gas.

  • Lower Utility Bills

Most homeowners who use natural gas to heat their homes pay less each winter than those who don’t. And those who use natural gas to heat water and operate appliances also have lower utility bills than those who use electric appliances.

Become a Natural Gas Convert

Does saving money and burning a more efficient, cleaner fuel sound good to you? The team at Kearney HVAC is happy to talk with you about converting your system to natural gas.

Natural gas heating systems tend to be less expensive than oil-fired systems. And, available rebates will greatly reduce the overall cost of installing a new gas furnace or boiler. The switch can save you up to $1,000 annually, paying for its own up-front costs within a few years.

Our licensed and certified technicians are equipped to handle your entire project efficiently and professionally. We’ll get you up and running on natural gas, increasing your comfort and lowering your utility bills for years to come.

Make the switch to natural gas this year. Contact us or call (978) 388-0845 to get started today!