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Where are the Best Places to Put My Heat Pumps?

Find out the best place to put a mini-split heat pump in your home!

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We don’t know when winter will arrive in Newburyport and the surrounding area this year, but we do know many homeowners are looking to install new heating solutions before the true cold really arrives. For some, furnaces are the answer, while others have embraced the ductless mini-split heat pump—one of the most modern and effective types of heating equipment available today. Mini-splits can work wonders, but their efficiency depends greatly on where they’re installed within the home. Place them in the wrong spot, and they most likely won’t perform properly.

So, where should you install your new ductless mini-split heat pumps? Here are a few tips to help lead you in the right direction—let’s start with the air handler.

Indoor Heat Pump Unit

Mini-splits are comprised of two main pieces of equipment. The first is an indoor unit, which is also known as the air handler. This should be mounted in a central location on an exterior wall—that is, a wall that makes direct contact with the outdoors (versus, say, a centrally-located room with no windows). It’s important to ensure that the unit stays accessible for maintenance purposes, and be sure to leave at least two inches of headroom below the ceiling.

From there, a three-inch hole must be drilled into the wall to send the refrigerant line to the second piece of equipment, which lives outdoors. Be sure that the distance between the indoor and outdoor units stays at 50 feet or less, as you may otherwise run into connectivity issues.

Outdoor Heat Pump Unit

As stated above, the indoor air handler connects directly to an outdoor unit via a refrigerant line. The outdoor heat pump component usually weighs 120 pounds or so and should always be placed in a shady location that is outside of direct sunlight. Keep it directly on the side of or behind the home, and don’t place it too close to any shrubbery or vegetation (this can easily create airflow problems). Some units attach to the outside wall with what are called stand-off mounting brackets, in which case you should ensure that at least four-to-five inches of space exists between the wall and the unit, as well as clearing at least 20 inches of space above it.

You can also choose to install a mini-split heat pump on a custom-fit concrete pad that sits on the ground if you don’t want to mount it to the wall.

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