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Why Is My Heat Pump Blowing Warm Air in Summer?

Is your mini split blowing hot air in the summer?

A service call today could mean comfort tomorrow.


When you turn on your Mitsubishi Electric heat pump in July and August (if you’re new to mini splits, here’s a great introduction), it should be providing sweet relief from the hot outside weather, making your home more comfortable and improving your indoor air quality. But what happens when your ductless heat pump is blowing warm air in the summer? Here’s what could be causing a mini split to not run properly, and what Massachusetts homeowners can do to fix it.

5 Reasons Your Ductless Mini Split Is Blowing Warm Air

An improperly-functioning mini split could be attributed to a number of issues. Here are five of the most common problems with ductless heat pumps:

  • Dirty air filter

If your filter is dark and dirty, it can be blocking needed air flow into the unit and making your coils freeze up. You’ll need to change the filter and allow the coils to thaw before operating again.

  • Dirty outside unit

Similar to a dirty air filter, allowing debris, clippings, or leaves to get in between the coils can hinder performance. Use a soft brush to clear the area and make sure to keep the grass around your unit cut and free of leaves and other yard trimmings.

  • Coolant levels

If your coolant levels are too low due to a leak or other deteriorated parts, ice can build up on the evaporator coils of your mini split causing it to freeze.

  • Dirty coils

If your air filter has been dirty for a sustained period of time, the evaporator coils can get dirty as well, which can make it very difficult for your mini split to create cool air.

  • Reversing valve malfunction

A heat pump unit has a valve that switches between heating and cooling modes, and sometimes that valve can stick, keeping you trapped on heating mode.

The first two problems are potentially DIY repairs, depending on the severity of the situation. With the last three issues, however (or if you feel unsure in general about working on your mini split), your best bet is to contact professional heating and cooling technicians, like the ones at Kearney HVAC, who have years of experience installing and servicing mini split units and can make sure your heating and cooling system is back up and running as soon as possible.

Mitsubishi Electric and Mass Save Rebates

As a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor, our team of specialists here at Kearney HVAC undergo thorough training by Mitsubishi Electric to correctly size and install every ductless system, and we get detailed information about best practices for maintenance and repair. Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps are the most energy efficient ductless units on the market, and are a great fit for homeowners looking for a customized and energy efficient solution to their heating and cooling needs.

Additionally, we can help you take advantage of the Massachusetts’ Mass Save rebate program, where you can qualify for as much as $10,000 back for installing a mini split system in your home, as well as loans of up to 7 years with interest rates of 0% for qualified energy saving home improvements.

Reach out to Kearney HVAC for your Mini Split Woes

At Kearney HVAC, we can take homeowners from the North Shore, MA, all the way to Seacoast, NH, through the entire mini split shopping and installation process. From picking out the right model among our top-rated Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps to proper installation, maintenance, and repairs, we offer professional service from beginning to end, starting with a free in-home consultation. Even if you didn’t buy your heat pump from us, but have questions about your unit’s performance or need to schedule a maintenance call, Kearney can help.

Make sure you’re getting the best out of your mini split heat pump system. Call 978-388-0845or contact us today for a free in-home consultation.