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Will Heat Pumps Get Cheaper?

Want to save more on heating and cooling? 

Install an electric heat pump in your home today! 


Have you been considering heat pump installation for a while now, but are putting the project off in the hopes that heat pumps will get cheaper in a few years? The good news is, there’s no reason to wait! Heat pumps have been around for a long time, and the technology is unlikely to get any cheaper. 

In fact, if you’re looking to save money on energy costs, having a heat pump installed is the way to go. Ducted heat pumps and ductless mini split heat pumps from Mitsubishi Electric Heating & Air Conditioning are more cost-effective than most fuel-burning heating systems. Here’s how heat pumps compare to other common types of heating systems. 

Heat Pumps vs Oil Heat vs Natural Gas 

Operational Cost 

When you switch from an oil or natural gas furnace or boiler to a heat pump, you won’t have to worry about filling up your oil tank or paying a gas bill anymore, which can save you a significant amount of money. You will have to prepare for higher electric bills since heat pumps run on electricity, but because heat pumps are so energy efficient, you can save money by switching from an oil or gas-burning system to a heat pump. 

Heat pumps also consolidate your heating and cooling into one unit, which can be more affordable than keeping a furnace or boiler and an air conditioner operational. But cost savings aren’t the only reason to consider installing an electric heat pump. 


With a traditional gas or oil heating system, you have one thermostat that controls the temperature throughout your entire home. Not only does this lead to a lot of wasted energy, but it can also create comfort issues for your family if certain members want the temperature set higher or lower than others. 

With ductless heat pumps, it’s easy to create a zoned heating and cooling system, which can further enhance your heat pump’s efficiency. In a zoned system, you can set different rooms to different temperatures, so you don’t have to pay to heat less-used rooms to the same temperature that you heat your main living spaces, and your family can avoid a thermostat battle. 

Environmental Impact 

Heat pumps are much more environmentally friendly than oil and natural gas heating systems since they don’t burn fossil fuels. By making the switch, you’ll be able to shrink your carbon footprint. 

Because of their environmental benefits, installing a heat pump could make you eligible for certain rebates, including the Mass Save heat pump rebate program, which offers a rebate worth up to $10,000 for heat pump installation. 


Combustion appliances, including gas and oil furnaces and boilers, can create dangerous byproducts like carbon monoxide. Fuel-burning appliances are vented to exhaust contaminants out of your home, but if any ventilation issues arise, your family could be put at risk. Heat pumps don’t create toxic by-products, keeping your indoor air cleaner and healthier. 

Have a Heat Pump Installed in Your Massachusetts or New Hampshire Home 

When comparing heat pumps vs natural gas and heat pumps vs oil, heat pumps come out on top for most homeowners. Kearney HVAC can help you lower your energy costs by making the switch from a natural gas or oil heating system to an electric heat pump at your Northshore MA or Seacoast NH home. 

We install Mitsubishi Electric Heating & Air Conditioning systems and can help you decide whether a ducted heat pump or ductless mini split is the right choice for your home. We’re a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer, and you can count on our technicians to size and install your new heat pump properly, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency. 

Why wait to install a heat pump? Schedule your installation today and start saving! Call 978-388-0845or contact us here to get started.