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Although home heating and cooling is extremely important to indoor comfort, many homeowners know little about it and are seeking accurate sources of information. The Kearney HVAC blog's purpose is to educate our customers about important topics related to indoor air quality, proper equipment maintenance, energy savings, innovative new products, and home comfort. Read our new blog posts to learn more!

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heat pump on outside of home
October 30, 2020

Heat pumps installed by the pros at Kearney HVAC provide reliable heating & cooling for Seacoast NH homes even during freezing temperatures! Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps offer advanced technology for efficient heating all winter long.

man on couch at home adjusting mini split on wall
October 27, 2020

Learn more about why heat pumps from Kearney HVAC are a great choice for efficient, reliable comfort in North Shore MA and Seacoast NH. We explain the difference in efficiency between a heat pump and a traditional furnace, and how you can save money by upgrading.

heat pump exterior compressor
October 15, 2020

Learn more about the difference between heat pump manufacturers, and the one brand Kearney HVAC recommends for your North Shore or Seacoast home. Lower your heating and cooling costs without sacrificing comfort—our team of HVAC experts can find the most energy efficient solution for your house.

residential oil boiler
October 9, 2020

Lower your heating bills this winter by upgrading to an all electric heat pump system from Mitsubishi Electric and Kearney HVAC. Ductless mini splits and ducted heat pumps offer whole home, customizable comfort options, and you'll benefit from consistent, reliable comfort all year long. Learn more today.

child playing with leaves and pumpkins at home
October 7, 2020

Learn more about the indoor air quality benefits of an iWave air purifier from Kearney HVAC. These HVAC devices are installed inside your ductwork, and can help reduce pollen, bacteria and viruses, mold, VOCs, and other harmful indoor air pollutants. Fight back against air quality issues in your home this fall.

virus in the air heat pump
September 18, 2020

Learn more about recent independent test results on the iWave air purifier's effectiveness in killing the coronavirus. iWave air purifiers are installed inside your ductwork, and can help reduce a number of different air pollutants, leading to higher indoor air quality. Reach out to Kearney HVAC today.

front door of home summertime
August 12, 2020

Learn more about the many different ways that heat pumps and ductless mini splits from Mitsubishi Electric and Kearney can benefit your home. From providing solutions to uncomfortable rooms or areas of your home to replacing old and inefficient HVAC systems, talk to the heating and cooling experts today.

heat pump against ivy wall
August 4, 2020

Reduce the noise levels of your HVAC system as you increase your home comfort and energy savings with the ultra quiet operation of Mitsubishi Electric mini split heat pumps from Kearney. Find out just how quiet mini split systems can be, and take advantage of heat pump rebates to upgrade your home today.

woman at home sneezing from indoor allergies
July 15, 2020

Reduce allergens and other air pollutants from the air in your home with IAQ solutions from Kearney HVAC. Learn more about why allergies are worse indoors, and how dehumidifiers and air purifiers can offer you and your family members relief from allergy symptoms and other IAQ related health issues.

how does a heat pump work for cooling? video kearney hvac
July 1, 2020

Learn how a heat pump can efficiently cool your home while using a fraction of the energy of a traditional central air conditioner. Kearney HVAC professionally installs Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps throughout North Shore, MA & Southern NH, and can help you save on installation costs with MassSave rebates.


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