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Although home heating and cooling is extremely important to indoor comfort, many homeowners know little about it and are seeking accurate sources of information. The Kearney HVAC blog's purpose is to educate our customers about important topics related to indoor air quality, proper equipment maintenance, energy savings, innovative new products, and home comfort. Read our new blog posts to learn more!

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heat pump against ivy wall
August 4, 2020

Reduce the noise levels of your HVAC system as you increase your home comfort and energy savings with the ultra quiet operation of Mitsubishi Electric mini split heat pumps from Kearney. Find out just how quiet mini split systems can be, and take advantage of heat pump rebates to upgrade your home today.

woman at home sneezing from indoor allergies
July 15, 2020

Reduce allergens and other air pollutants from the air in your home with IAQ solutions from Kearney HVAC. Learn more about why allergies are worse indoors, and how dehumidifiers and air purifiers can offer you and your family members relief from allergy symptoms and other IAQ related health issues.

how does a heat pump work for cooling? video kearney hvac
July 1, 2020

Learn how a heat pump can efficiently cool your home while using a fraction of the energy of a traditional central air conditioner. Kearney HVAC professionally installs Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps throughout North Shore, MA & Southern NH, and can help you save on installation costs with MassSave rebates.

heat pump with remote control
May 14, 2020

Learn why heat pump systems require a special thermostat, and how your home will be more comfortable and energy efficient when you leave your Mitsubishi Electric heat pump or mini split installation to an experienced company like Kearney HVAC. Schedule installation this spring!

heat pump outside of home springtime
May 11, 2020

Keep your energy bills low, your home cool and comfortable this summer, and your Mitsubishi Electric mini splits running efficiently for years and years to come when you schedule a heat pump spring maintenance call from Kearney HVAC. Serving Massachusetts' North Shore and New Hampshire's Seacoast.

mitsubishi heat pumps
April 7, 2020

Upgrade your home with superior ductless mini split heat pumps from Mitsubishi Electric. Kearney HVAC breaks down the advantages of Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps, from industry-leading efficiency and quiet operation to their innovative Hyper-Heating cold weather technology! Learn more today.

MA house springtime
March 27, 2020

Learn more about the rebates available for installing a heat pump system in your Massachusetts home with Kearney HVAC. The Mitsubishi Electric air source heat pumps we install, repair, and maintain will lower your energy costs and improve your home comfort. Reach out today!

tiny model house on stack of coins
February 10, 2020

Review the price of heat pump installation for your home, and learn more about the different factors that can impact your total costs for HVAC upgrades. Kearney breaks down heat pump prices and how rebates from a Mass Save qualified contractor can reduce the costs of mini split installation even further.

natural gas burning
January 22, 2020

Stop worrying about the risk of gas explosions when heating your home with natural gas and upgrade to Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps. With their environmentally friendly and energy efficient operation, mini split heat pumps from Kearney HVAC offer a safe, cost-saving HVAC solution for your home.

heat pump on exterior of house in winter snow
January 17, 2020

With Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps, you'll have the best mini split HVAC system for cold weather. Find out how these heat pumps can keep your home warm in freezing temperatures, and how, with Mass Save mini split rebates, you can make ductless mini split costs even more affordable.


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