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Feel the Love with HVAC Maintenance

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Whether or not you subscribe to the commercial aspect of Valentine’s Day, it seems that in February all of us are inclined to pay a bit more attention to those we love.

Maybe it’s the fact that the novelty of a new year has worn off and we need something to focus our attention on during the cold, dreary winter days. Regardless, what can you do to spread and feel the love?

Schedule Heating Maintenance

Sure, maybe it isn’t as romantic as a candle lit dinner, but having heating maintenance performed is a way to show love to your home, your family and yourself.

Maintenance for your furnace, boiler or heat pump has the following benefits:

  • Keeping Your Home Healthy & Safe

You value your health and safety. By forgoing heating maintenance, you can be endangering the wellbeing of everyone in your home.

Having a professional check your heating system for any leaks will prevent potentially harmful gases from building up inside your home. In addition, changing the unit’s air filter will preserve your home’s indoor air quality by ensuring pollutants, allergens and dust are filtered out, keeping your home healthier.

  • Preventing Unexpected HVAC Breakdowns

Having your furnace or boiler breakdown in the middle of a cold night can be a nightmare. Maintenance can fix all the little issues that could eventually cause a breakdown, helping you avoid the headache, expense and discomfort that comes along with a broken heating system.

  • Lowering Your Heating Bills

Servicing your heating system helps it run at peak performance. Not only will this help you stay warm and comfortable, but you’ll also see savings on your monthly energy bills.

  • Extending the Lifespan of Your HVAC System

Maintenance addresses issues that could add up and slowly destroy your unit. You’ll avoid having to invest in a new heating system prematurely and help to preserve your home’s value with regular HVAC service.

  • Reducing Your Impact on the Environment

Heating maintenance increases the energy efficiency of your home. You’ll be producing fewer carbon emissions helping to decrease your negative impact on the environment.

Heating Maintenance from Rye, NH to Boxford, MA

At Kearney HVAC, we want you to love spending time at home. When you’re comfortable, healthy and safe with additional savings in your pocket, we’ll know we’ve done our job. Spread the love and make sure you take care of maintaining your home’s boiler, furnace or heat pump.

Spread the love to your family, yourself and your home! Contact us or call (978) 388-0845 to schedule maintenance for your heating system today.