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How iWave Air Purifiers Work In Your Home

Upgrade your home health.

Kearney HVAC installs iWave air purifiers.

How iWave Air Purifiers Work In Your Home Infographic

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iWave Air Purification Systems are the future of clean, healthy air at home. But just how does this impressive technology work as an indoor air pollution solution? Kearney HVAC explains why the iWave is worth it for your North Shore, MA and Seacoast, NH home.

The Downsides of Poor Indoor Air Quality at Home

Any home, new or old, can suffer from poor indoor air quality as a result of dust, mold, pets, smoke, VOCs, and more. These pollutants can make you feel sick at home, with symptoms like:

  • Frequent headaches

  • Sinus congestion and runny nose

  • Sneezing

  • Coughing

  • Wheezing

  • Itchy eyes

  • Fatigue

  • And even nausea

How iWave Air Purifiers Work to Freshen Your Home’s Air

These units install quickly and easily in your home’s ductwork, and require little to no maintenance over their lifetime.

These systems safely and silently create positive and negative ions and emit them into your air.

As these ions travel throughout your home, they’ll cling to any pollutants they touch. This causes the pollutants to stick together, becoming large enough for your HEPA air filters to catch and remove them from your home’s air.

iWave Air Purification is a Smart Investment in Your Home’s Health

As the iWave purifier’s positive and negative ions clean your air, they will also reduce the number of viruses and bacteria in your home’s air.

Kearney HVAC is your local team to improve your health at home by starting with your indoor air quality. We install both the iWave-C and iWave-R air purifiers to help you and your loved ones breathe easier year-round.

Enjoy cleaner air at home with effective iWave technology. Call 978-388-0845or contact us online today to get started.