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Mitsubishi Electric Mini Splits: Perfect for That In-Between Weather

Don’t keep switching between heat and AC.

Control your home comfort with one efficient system.


As the seasons change in New England, we experience some pretty changeable weather. It can be warm, humid and summery one day and cool and breezy the next. A perfect solution for this in-between weather is a Mitsubishi Electric mini split! At Kearney HVAC we love the easy, efficient heating and cooling provided by ductless mini splits.

How Do Mini Splits Work?

Mini splits use an exterior heat pump connected to one or more interior air handling units to provide cooling and heating with just the touch of a button. The super-efficient exterior heat pump delivers warm or cool air directly to the area you desire. The variable speed heat pump inside the Mitsubishi Electric mini split provides just the right amount of conditioning for high efficiency performance, especially during the change in seasons.

These mini split heat pumps work by moving heat from one place to another. When it’s warm outside, mini-splits move excess heat outdoors, and when it’s cool, heat pumps move low-temperature heat indoors—even when the outside temperature is -13 degrees!

Save Energy & Money in Any Season

Mini splits can save energy and money when compared to traditional heating and cooling, especially in North Shore Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire homes. Traditional central air and forced air furnaces deliver conditioned air throughout your home via bulky ductwork. This ductwork can leak as much as 30% of your expensive heated and cooled air, so it’s really not very efficient. Mitsubishi Electric mini splits deliver warm or cool air directly to the targeted rooms, without using leaky aluminum ducts.

Plus, because mini-splits combine heating and cooling, you can avoid switching back and forth between your furnace and central air.

Control Your Comfort Easily

With the change in seasons, you may want to have different temperature settings in different parts of your house. Mini splits provide personalized settings with a touch of a button for any room in your home. The user-friendly remote allows you to customize the flow of air, direction and power, with a power cool down feature that can battle that October warm-up that catches you by surprise.

It’s Easy to Upgrade!

The Mitsubishi Electric experts at Kearney HVAC can install your mini split heat pump upgrades quickly and without any fuss—usually in one day! North Shore, Massachusetts residents can also save money when they upgrade to energy saving mini splits with $500 rebates through MassSave. Kearney HVAC’s 0% financing over 7 years make upgrading an easy choice for any budget.

Low Maintenance Mini-splits Simplify Home Comfort

Keeping your indoor air clear of unhealthy seasonal pollen and allergens is simple with the easy access air filters in each mini split indoor unit.  The small air filters slide out easily—just clean, dry, and replace to keep clean air flowing in your home. Plus, maintenance is a simple annual check-up by our trained technician that’s covered when you add a Kearney HVAC Service Agreement for your Mitsubishi Electric mini-split heat pump. If service is needed, service agreement customers save 10% on repairs or new system installations.

Ready to save money and energy with a Mitsubishi Electric Mini-split heat pump? Call Kearney HVAC at 978-388-0845or contact us today for learn how to save!