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What to Expect When You Get an AC Replacement

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Your home’s cooling system is a crucial component to your comfort throughout the summer months—but it can quickly turn into a headache if it’s not working properly. Sometimes it’s difficult to know when it’s time for an upgrade to a new system—but rest assured that the Kearney HVAC team is here to help guide you through the process!

Keep reading to find out when it’s time to replace your air conditioner and learn about our customer-focused AC replacement process.

Know When to Repair or Replace

Before we go into what happens when you get an air conditioning replacement, it’s important to understand when it’s the right time for one. While our team won’t know for sure until we’ve diagnosed your specific cooling system, there are a few signs that usually mean you’re ready for an upgrade.

  • Your AC is 10+ years old – Any piece of equipment gets less efficient as it ages and air conditioners are no exception. If you’re experiencing issues and your unit is over a decade old, a newer model might be the best solution.
  • You’ve needed AC repair twice in the past year – Sometimes problems with your AC can have a snowball effect, leading to more repairs more often. Frequent repairs are a common sign that your cooling system is on its way out.
  • The cost of repairs – Generally speaking, if the cost of your AC repairs is at least half of the cost for a new system, a replacement is the best idea.
  • Your AC hasn’t been properly maintained – Preventative maintenance is the key to a well-functioning and long-lasting cooling system—and without it, your AC becomes prone to breakdowns. 

The Cooling System Replacement Process

When it comes time for an air conditioning replacement, the Kearney team takes special care to make sure that your new system is installed correctly to ensure its efficiency and comfort. Here’s a look into our process.

Evaluate Your Cooling Needs

To find the right cooling system for your home, we start with a free consultation. One of our HVAC specialists will take an in-depth look into your home, cooling needs, and energy usage before making recommendations on a new system—whether it’s a heat pump, traditional central AC, or mini splits.

Right-Sizing a New System

One of the most important factors when installing a new air conditioner is properly sizing the system for your home. An undersized system won’t keep your home comfortable, while an oversize system will end up using too much energy and increase your cooling costs. The Kearney team will conduct a thorough load calculation to make sure your new system is just right.

Consider Available Incentives

We stay knowledgeable and up to date on several rebates and tax credits available to Massachusetts and New Hampshire homeowners for switching to an energy-efficient cooling system. Some of these incentives include:

  • 25C Federal Tax CreditsReduce your federal tax liability by 30% of the total cost of your new cooling system with Inflation Reduction Act tax credits. Get up to $2,000 for ductless and ducted heat pumps and up to $600 for ENERGY STAR certified air conditioners.
  • Mass Save® RebatesMass Save offers generous rebates up to $10,000 for upgrading to a heat pump in your North Shore home. Kearney is a registered Mass Save contractor and can help you qualify. 

Removal & Installation

On installation day, our HVAC specialists will take the utmost care to both remove your old system and install your replacement. We’ll deliver personal attention and the excellent customer service we’ve become known for throughout MA and NH. 

Most of our installations can be completed within a day, but sometimes they may take longer, depending on your home and how complex the installation is. No matter what, our team will have clear communication with you throughout the entire process so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

Get a New AC with Kearney, Your Trusted HVAC Contractor in MA & NH

Regardless of whether your system is just in need of repair or you’re ready for an upgrade, we’re here for you. From heat pumps to central air conditioners, our team is experienced in right-sizing and installation with several qualifications to help you save money on your energy bills and live in a more comfortable home. 

We can even help you get off on the right foot with your new cooling system. Sign up for a Maintenance Service Agreement and receive annual tune ups, discounts on repairs, and more! 

Are you ready for a more reliable cooling system? Call 978-388-0845 or contact us online to get started.