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Why Install a Mini-Split vs. a Traditional AC?

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When it comes to new developments in heating and cooling equipment, nothing in recent years has caught the attention of both Massachusetts homeowners and HVAC professionals quite like mini-split heat pumps. Capable of both heating and cooling the home, mini-splits have become omnipresent in both homes and commercial applications, and for good reason.

While traditional air conditioning systems certainly still have their time and place, there are reasons to believe that mini-splits are actually beneficial not only as add-ons, but as equipment that can be used to offset your current cooling system.

Just why are so many people choosing to install mini-split heat pumps instead of purchasing a new, more traditional air conditioner? Here are some reasons that simply cannot be ignored.

Upfront Expense

No Upfront Expense, Kearney HVAC, MA

Let’s face it—no one should have to spend more than is absolutely necessary to properly cool their homes during the summer months. While it’s true that several ductless mini-splits can be more expensive to install than a central air conditioning system, this argument doesn’t take into consideration the costs of having to either replace or install ductwork.

In such a scenario, you can expect to spend around twice as much as it might cost to simply go with a mini-split. Plus, with a mini-split you’ll never have to worry about the countless issues that come along with ductwork-reliant cooling systems.


The central air units available on the market today are immensely more efficient than those of the past, which makes the case for considering an upgrade for those who live in older homes. Mini-splits are even more efficient, however, and extremely capable of cooling even the warmest rooms during the summer months. If you already have a traditional cooling system installed, mini-splits can be used to offset your cooling costs—worth the cost of installation alone.

Installation Flexibility

If there’s just a single reason why mini-splits are so effective, it’s because they can be installed just about anywhere in the home. This is extremely useful for those whose homes feature rooms that are seemingly impossible to either heat during the winter or cool throughout the summer—typically those which do not include ductwork. The flexibility of mini-splits makes them perfect for installing in those hard-to-reach areas, regardless of whether or not you currently have central air in your home.

At Kearney HVAC, we believe that mini-splits represent the future of the heating and cooling industry. Ready to be the first on your block with a brand new mini-split heat pump?

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