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Although home heating and cooling is extremely important to indoor comfort, many homeowners know little about it and are seeking accurate sources of information. The Kearney HVAC blog's purpose is to educate our customers about important topics related to indoor air quality, proper equipment maintenance, energy savings, innovative new products, and home comfort. Read our new blog posts to learn more!

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heat pump exterior compressor
October 22, 2019

Interested in upgrading to mini split heat pumps? Did you know that Mitsubishi Electric makes ducted heat pumps that connect to your central ductwork system? Kearney HVAC explains how forced air heat pumps can offer your Massachusetts or New Hampshire home a year round heating and cooling solution.

external heat pump unit
October 17, 2019

Massachusetts homeowners looking to upgrade to energy efficient heating systems should consider the cost savings and other benefits of mini split heat pumps. Kearny HVAC explains how homes can use air source heat pumps in cold weather to keep warm, then use them in spring and summer to stay cool!

heat pump outside house in fall
October 9, 2019

Was your home comfortable and cool all summer long, even when the hot weather was at its worst? You probably have your Mitsubishi Electric heat pump mini splits to thank. But just because your air conditioning system seemed to be working effortlessly doesn't mean it wasn't working hard. Just like any other HVAC system, your mini splits need regular service and repair to keep operating at their maximum efficiency.

man scratching his head in confusion
August 14, 2019

If your heat pump or mini split air conditioner is blowing warm air when it should be cooling your Massachusetts home off, it could be in need of repair. The North Shore, MA & Seacoast, NH mini split experts at Kearney HVAC walk you through what could be going on with your mini split, & how to get back on track.

puzzled looking woman
July 24, 2019

Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps can help you beat the heat in Seacoast NH and North Shore MA. The mini-split pros at Kearney HVAC can help you save and keep your cool this summer, with easy installation & Mass Save rebates! Learn how to beat the summer heat!

woman relaxing at home with cooling
July 18, 2019

Homeowners in Seacoast NH & Boston's North Shore turn to energy efficient mini-split heat pumps installed from Kearney HVAC to stay cool in the summer. With no bulky ductwork and custom controls, Mitsubishi Electric mini-splits can cut your energy costs and provide year-round heating & cooling.

woman at home next to fan, house too hot in summer
June 14, 2019
Can’t keep certain rooms in your home cool? Find out how to target hot rooms with ductless heat pumps — an energy efficient home cooling option for targeting problem areas. Kearney HVAC installs ductless heat pumps in homes along Massachusetts’ North Shore and New Hampshire’s Seacoast. Learn more.
spring home
May 20, 2019
Find out if it’s time to book a spring tune-up for your heat pump system, and learn about the unexpected benefits regular heat pump maintenance can offer. Learn more from Kearney HVAC, a local heat pump expert and Mitsubishi Electric Diamond™ Dealer serving North Shore MA and Seacoast NH.
exterior heat pump next to hedges
May 13, 2019
Find out why North Shore, MA and Seacoast, NH homeowners are installing Mitsubishi Electric ductless heat pumps in their homes this spring. Heat pumps offer energy efficient cooling and heating and eliminate the need for window AC units. Learn more from Kearney HVAC, a local heat pump technician.
heat pump outside of home next to flowers
April 19, 2019
How often should you be scheduling heat pump maintenance? When is the best time for a heat pump tune up? Get all the answers you need from the heat pump technicians at Kearney HVAC. Keep your home comfortable all year (even during a spring snow storm) with a heating and cooling service agreement.