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Although home heating and cooling is extremely important to indoor comfort, many homeowners know little about it and are seeking accurate sources of information. The Kearney HVAC blog's purpose is to educate our customers about important topics related to indoor air quality, proper equipment maintenance, energy savings, innovative new products, and home comfort. Read our new blog posts to learn more!

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family of 4 enjoying an evening playing in the living room
April 12, 2019
Stay warm and prepare your home for summer by installing a ductless heat pump by Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating. Ductless heat pumps reduce your reliance on whole-home heating, provide cool air, and more. Learn more from Kearney HVAC, your comfort expert in North Shore, MA and Seacoast, NH.
Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump Indoors
March 18, 2019

Find out how a heat pump works to provide reliable cooling and heating in hot and cold weather. Ductless heat pumps by Mitsubishi Electric offer targeted heating and air conditioning for specific areas in your home. Learn more from Kearney HVAC, the North Shore’s Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Dealer.

warm home, hat on model house
February 27, 2019
Find out how much energy you could save with ductless heat pump by Mitsubishi Electric. Heat pumps or mini splits use energy efficient technology, provide targeted heating, and eliminate the inefficiencies associated with ductwork. Learn more from Kearney HVAC, the North Shore’s heat pump expert.
mini split heat pump
February 20, 2019
Considering upgrading your winter comfort capability with ductless heat pumps? Ductless mini splits by Mitsubishi Electric can help you feel more comfortable while saving energy in your North Shore, MA area home. Find out how to get the most from your heating system upgrade with Kearney HVAC.
woman experiencing bad smell at home
January 31, 2019
Wondering what that smell is when your furnace turns on? Learn more about common furnace smells like burning plastic, singed metal and gas, and find out if it may be time for a repair. Kearney HVAC diagnoses and repairs oil and natural gas furnaces throughout the North Shore area of Massachusetts.
woman wondering
January 25, 2019
Looking to replace an outdated furnace or boiler? Mitsubishi Electric mini splits could be right for you. Find out if ductless mini splits are a good replacement option for your heating system. Kearney HVAC is your local Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor serving Massachusetts’ North Shore.
snowy road in winter
December 21, 2018
Wondering whether to leave the furnace fan in the “on” or “auto” setting? Learn about the pros and cons of each setting, and find out which may be better for your home. Kearney HVAC provides heating and air conditioning solutions to homeowners along the North Shore of MA.
exterior heat pump under snow
December 17, 2018
Feel cozy at home this winter when you install a mini split by Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating. Mitsubishi Electric mini splits offer targeted heating where you need it — plus air conditioning in the summer. Learn more from Kearney HVAC, Salisbury’s Mitsubishi Electric Diamond™ Dealer.
dad and daughter look at a mini split in their living room
September 18, 2020

We don't know when winter will arrive in Newburyport and the surrounding area this year, but we do know many homeowners are looking to install new heating solutions before the true cold really arrives. For some, furnaces are the answer, while others have embraced the ductless mini-split heat pump—one of the most modern and effective types of heating equipment available today.

mini split, heat pump, hvac, change in seasons, seasonality, kearney, ma
November 2, 2018
Mini split heat pumps by Mitsubishi Electric offer energy efficient heating and cooling, making them great for that hot-and-cold time in between seasons. Learn more about the many benefits of mini splits from Kearney HVAC, the MA and NH home comfort experts.