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Does a Heat Pump Cool as Well as an Air Conditioner?

Get reliable, efficient cooling. 

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Though the name seems to suggest otherwise, heat pumps don’t just heat—they cool too! In fact, a heat pump can cool your home just as well as an air conditioner. A heat pump with a 16 SEER rating works just as efficiently as an air conditioner with a 16 SEER rating. 

How Do Heat Pumps Work? 

Heat pumps work the same way that air conditioners do. In the summer, your heat pump removes heat from the air in your home and transfers it outside using refrigerant and electricity. The only difference between heat pumps and air conditioners is that heat pumps can reverse the process. In the winter, your heat pump will remove trace amounts of heat from the air outside and transfer it into your home to keep you warm. 

How To Use a Heat Pump in the Summer 

During the summer months, you can simply switch your heat pump into cooling mode and set it to your preferred temperature, either with a thermostat or remote control, depending on the type of heat pump you install. There are two types of heat pumps: 

Ducted Heat Pumps 

Ducted heat pumps connect to your home’s ductwork system just like a central air conditioner does. Conditioned air then travels from the heat pump, through the ducts, and into your living spaces. The entire system is controlled by your thermostat.  

Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps 

Ductless mini split heat pumps consist of indoor and outdoor components that are connected by a refrigerant line instead of ductwork. This makes them easier and more affordable to install. The indoor units, often called cassettes, are mounted on walls in your home and controlled individually, using remotes.  

Why Use a Heat Pump Instead of an Air Conditioner? 

There are many reasons why you may want to install a heat pump instead of an air conditioner: 

  • High heat pump cooling efficiency 

  • Offers both heating and cooling settings 

  • Mini splits can be installed without ductwork 

  • Mini splits can be used to create “comfort zones” 

Looking for Professional Heat Pump Installation Near You? 

If you’re thinking about installing a heat pump in your Seacoast New Hampshire or North Shore Massachusetts home, Kearney HVAC is the company to call. We install Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps and Mitsubishi Electric mini splits, which are highly energy efficient and offer year-round comfort.

As a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer, we’re trained and certified to install these systems, so you can count on us to get the job done right the first time. 

Stay cool all summer long with a heat pump or mini split. Call Kearney HVAC at 978-388-0845or contact us online to learn more.