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iWave-C Air Purifier

Worried about unhealthy air in your home?

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No one wants an unhealthy indoor environment for themselves and their family members, and yet according to the EPA and DOE, indoor air is often two to fives times as polluted as outdoor air. Your home should offer protection from the outdoors, but when air pollutants get into your breathing air, your home can act as a bubble that traps allergens, pollen, mold, dust, bacteria, viruses, and more inside your home.

The iWave-C Air Purifier reduces indoor air pollutants and helps create cleaner, healthier air in your home.

Fight Back Against Poor Indoor Air Quality with iWave-C Installation

The iWave-C air purifier is a bi-polar ionization generator. How does the iWave work? Installed inside your home’s central ductwork system, where you’ll never see or hear it, the iWave-C produces positive and negative ions that travel out into your home, killing mold, bacteria, and viruses. The ionization process reduces allergens, smoke, and even static electricity in your home without creating ozone or harmful byproducts.

With a programmable self-cleaning cycle and waterproof housing, as well as features for both on-site visual and remote monitoring, the iWave-C is one of the leading air purifying devices available for residential and light commercial uses.

The Benefits of Adding an iWave-C to Your HVAC System

Are you worried about breathing unhealthy air in your house? Have you been suffering from irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, headaches, dizziness, or fatigue? These are all common symptoms associated with unhealthy air quality. But air purification through a device like the iWave-C offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Reduced air pollutants, allergens, bacterias, and viruses

  • Fewer indoor odors and static electricity

  • Quiet, invisible operation

Can the iWave-C Kill the Coronavirus?

iWave products have been tested on a variety of airborne pathogens. According to the manufacturer, the iWave-C was shown to reduce SARS-CoV-2 (the novel coronavirus) in a laboratory test, using Needle Point Bi-polar Ionization technology. After 10 minutes in the test chamber, the iWave-C had inactivated 84.2% of the virus. By 30 minutes, 99.4% of the virus was inactivated.

Lower Air Pollutant Levels and Help Create Clean Air with Kearney

Looking for indoor air quality solutions for your North Shore, MA or Seacoast, NH home that actually work? Give Kearney HVAC a call. Our HVAC and air quality experts will take time to listen to the specific problems you’re encountering in your home, and find the right solution for you.

Your family deserves a healthy indoor environment. Call 978-388-0845 or contact us to learn more about Kearney’s air quality solutions.

3 Reasons Why You Should Install an iWave Purifier

Vent in wall
Learn why you should install an iWave air purification system in your home and how Kearney HVAC can help you create a cleaner and healthier living environment. If your allergies are worse indoors or you’re trying to asthma-proof your home, an iWave system can help!

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